At the Blue Otter School of Herbal Medicine I was able to truly step into the worlds of plants. Time no longer mattered, communication with all life forms was honored. We were trained in how to be humble humans and listen to what the plants had to offer. As I walk forward in life I will always carry these amazing lessons and wonderful teachers with me.

— De’va Robinson, Full Time Program 2009

After graduating from Chinese Medical School where I received a masters degree in herbology and acupuncture, I took a full-time herbal coure at Blue Otter School. I found their class to fill in a lot of the gaps that I felt were missing from my education. I loved their emphasis on honoring the physical and spiritual aspects of the plants. Amazing experience~

— Tatiana, Full Time Program 2007

Karyn Sanders and Sarah Holmes have exceptional skills with plant medicine. The way they each uniquely posses and convey their skills gave me a wide and yet very specific understanding on how to work with the plants, animals, people, planet and the unseen. I recommend Blue Otter wherever I go.

— Nabha Goldfeder, FT 2007, Advanced 2008, 2010

I’ve been to other herbal schools and what I found unique about the Blue Otter School is that Karyn and Sarah not only share their wisdom about how plants heal you on both physical and spiritual levels, but they offer very deep and meaningful training on how to be a healer. That is, how to walk in your power and hold yourself, your clients and your community so that we can all realize the potential to be our brightest selves. It’s a rare gift to find an herbal program that takes you beyond studies about the plants and holds you through a deeply transformational experience. This is training for life, not just for being an herbalist.

— Tracey Brieger, Full-Time Program 2010