Some Like it Hot

herbal medicine


Hot enough for you? So many places across the country are experiencing extended heat waves this summer. Acknowledging this trend I wanted to share some ideas about how to cope with the heat and embrace it.


This is the time to eat more raw and therefore cooling foods. Of course, how much raw food is comfortable to your digestive system varies for each of us. Always listen to your body. Lettuce, cucumbers (don’t forget cool slices on your eyes, not just for the fancy salons) and most fruit (especially watermelon and grapes).

Spicy foods cool you down by making you sweat and bringing your body’s heat to the surface where it can be released.

Drink lots of water; add some lemon, lime, cucumber or even a pinch of sea salt

herbal medicine

Flower essences in keeping with the ‘hot’ theme:

Sun (Keeping Time Essences from ) “warm, uplifting, radiant”

Lava (Hawaiian Essences from “Holds the wild creative potential to flow with change rather than resist it. Owning our power as creators to potently manifest our intentions into form. Getting unstuck!”

Caldera (Hawaiian Essences from “A bubbling pot of co-creativity which empowers us to self generate transformation from within. Knowing we have the power to shape and remold physical ‘reality’. Great for writer’s block!”

Fig (Greek Tree Essences from “The sacral or sexual chakra, about sexual prowess and production of creativity. The rising sap of the tree in spring. For those who don’t know when sexual opening is safe. It brings safety and sensuality, therefore a female aphrodisiac as well as a reproductive strengthener.”

Golden Sunburst (Greek Tree Essences from “The solar plexus chakra; expressing personality to the world. A place of great suppression. It relates to the bark of the tree. For attention seekers who feel empty inside. Needing constant appreciation for their outward appearance. Deeply affected by lack of sun, it can bring deep personal joy.”


Embrace sweating. Stay hydrated and let the water cycle through you. A luke-warm bath or shower can do wonders as well. So let yourself melt a bit and know that a cool breeze is on its way.

Be well!