Fabulous Flowers

herbal medicine

apartment buildings in Thailand

A dear friend of mine emailed this photo to me. I have to say it really moved me in several ways. The sheer beauty of these buildings makes me smile. The architecture is interesting to start with but the addition of so many plants just takes it over the top. In a good way.

Imagine if  all of our homes  so beautifully reflected and showcased nature? Most of us don’t live outside anymore, but we can bring the natural into our everyday lives. I encourage you to do this, even in small ways. Bring some plants into your home, put potted plants on your balcony. Think your house is too small or crowded for plants? Consider a hanging basket.


Colombian balcony

Don’t have any outdoor space that is yours? Check with the city about the parkway near your house or a corner you walk by everyday. I’ve seen some really beautiful and simple landscaping that people have done in cities in these public places. Creating a bit of natural beauty in the midst of the urban concrete is a big gift to everyone who sees it.

Some traditions believe that flowers absorb negative energy. Imagine all the good vibrations in these apartment complexes.

Maybe you do have a yard. Consider adding plants with flowers and if you already have some, plant some more that bloom at different times. When I take the time, which I try to do often, to stop and really look at a flower, I am amazed over and over again. The variety of shapes and colors and color combinations is endless.
So, don’t just stop and smell the roses, but stop and really look at them, touch them. Let yourself experience your spirit lifting just from taking a moment to be present with the beauty.
herbal medicine

rose in bloom. Photo by Claire Bohman

Be well!