Mountain Springtime

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early spring bloom of bloodroot

Spring is such a lovely time of year. Here in the mountains the weather can be unpredictable and that lends another interesting layer to the season. As we move to sunny days in the 60’s to snow flurries to gentle rain to night time temps in the 20’s I get to feel that slow move to spring. This year, and last, we don’t have that full steam ahead breakthrough into the warm sunny weather and I find that I appreciate all of it even more having the contrast.

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evidence of Stella's morning foray

 Working in the garden feeling the sun on my bare arms and then getting cozy by the fire later that night makes for a nice combination.

Most of our plants have been very slow to venture above ground so far. This last week has encouraged a few to make the push. The bloodroot has bloomed however, that can happen even in the snow. Everyone else is biding their time.

We keep the dead, aerial (above ground) portion of the plants in place through the winter for the birds to use and into the spring to protect the new shoots from the freeze. At this point, the blend of old and new that some of the plants have create these amazing sculptures; the ghost of last year blending with the fresh green of this year.

herb school


I’m always reminding  my clients and students, and thus myself, to look to nature as their guide. So when I look at these ‘sculptures’ it reminds me to not be too hasty in throwing out the old, to temper that spring rush with some slowness of winter to make sure that I keep anything still of value before discarding that which no longer serves me.

Sometimes in our rush to make change, we can dismiss what value there is in what was. So on my cold spring nights and the days where clouds hover with a few last snowflakes, I try to take that time to reflect. Then the sun comes out and I can shed some layers of clothing and allow all of that energy rising in the earth to move through me and get me going.

herbal medicine

lemon balm

Spring is a time of renewal, rebirth, new beginnings. This is a good time to start a project, make some changes, and, of course, clean out those closets. Eat lighter, add in more raw foods, drink lots of water and start, slowly, moving your body more.

Enjoy the season and be well!