winter thoughts

mt. shasta herbal energetics

sunrise from school

wow- what an amazingly cold morning! when i was outside at sunrise, it was 16 degrees out.  it has been a very cold winter so far. waking up everyday with frost encrusted trees. for some reason though, the cold is bringing in the bald eagles. spotted 2 in our field the other day and a pair are living on the upper part of the property.  i have been checking pretty regularly on the plants and adding some extra mulch here and there because of the hard freezes.  the creek is flowing really strong and the plants down there look ok.  the spikenards are happy with the water higher and the spice bush looks happy despite the hard cold.  i have been feeding the birds lots of seed and fat to keep them alive. the little birds will die from these cold nights and the frost. i don’t want to lose any of the birds- not only for their sweet song, but for all the bug eating and pollinating they do.  have been making a-lot of medicine and doing meditations with them.  it’s nice not to have so much constant work in the gardens. just get to stroll around the land and check on everyone.