Our New Blog!

Welcome to Otter Notes! This is a space where we, Karyn Sanders and Sarah Holmes, will be sharing information on plants, herbal medicine and health and whatever comes to mind. We will each be writing separate entries, so don’t be alarmed if the voice sounds different at times.

We have this cute name, Otter Notes, for our blog which neither of us is attached to. However, under pressure from the blogosphere to have a clever name, we have succumbed to cute. So, Otter Notes it is, for now anyway.

We view this blog as an extension of our school, an extension of our commitment to sharing information about health and healing: of plants, people and the planet. We each believe the more in balance we are as individuals, the more we create healthier families, communities and world. So, to this end, or it is more accurate to say, toward this process, we extend this invitation for you to join us in this space.

Thank you for reading and be well.

Karyn and Sarah