Frequently Asked

Regarding the full-time program:

What is the application process?

The first step is to send in a written application along with a $20 application fee. The application fee is applied to your tuition upon acceptance. Once we have reviewed your written application, we will call your references and then set up a phone interview with you. After your phone interview we will let you know if you are accepted or not within a week’s time. If you are accepted into our full-time program a $1,000 non-refundable deposit holds your space in the class. This ensures that you will be attending; otherwise we may offer your place in the class to another applicant. Our maximum number of students each year is 15.

When should I apply?

We accept applications year round. We encourage early application as some years we have had to turn students away.

What do students do for housing?

Most students rent houses together. There are some apartments, but mostly houses are available. It is a small county, but every year, all students have secured housing. We do recommend that you do not leave your house search to the last minute. There are online resources for finding housing as well as local realtors and property managers. We provide this information upon acceptance into the program. We strongly discourage living farther than a thirty minute drive from the school.

Can I camp instead of renting a house?

There is no camping on school premises. Camping on National Forest land really isn’t a viable option until June and even then it can still be cold at night. Do keep in mind if you plan to camp that you need to be entirely self sufficient.

Are there jobs available in the community?

Most of our students budget in enough money so they do not have to work during school or are able to maintain some form of their current work during school. In terms of finding jobs in the area, it is an economically depressed county and jobs can be difficult to find. However, students that have really tried have found employment. If at all possible, we recommend that you do not work while attending school so you can focus your time and energy on your studies; even if this means delaying your enrollment a year in order to save up more money.

Do I need to have a car?

If you do not have a car you need to have an arrangement with other students to carpool for all of your needs. There isn’t any public transportation that will bring you to school or the grocery store, this is a rural area. Some students bike some of the time, however, no one to date has exclusively gotten around by bicycle;  not even half of the time.

What can I expect in a typical day of class?

We have a combination of structure and flexible time. Enough structure to make sure we cover everything and enough flexibility in our schedule to be able to go with the flow of what is happening in a given day. Most days include a plant meditation. Mornings are more likely to be lecture and afternoons are often more active; whether gardening, medicine making or other activities. The first two months of school most of our outdoor time is in the garden. Once the trailheads in the mountains melt out, we spend much of our outdoor time in the second half of school in the wilderness.

Will I have homework?

Yes, you will have three big projects, homework every week, and ongoing plant meditations on your own. Students are expected to complete all assignments on time. Expect to put in several hours into your homework every week outside of classroom time.

General questions:

Is work trade available?

No, we do not offer work trade. We are too small of a business to be able to afford this option. It also keeps the student/teacher relationship from becoming complicated.

Can I bring my dog to school?

No, we do not allow dogs at school or on school field trips; the exceptions being certified working dogs and Annie, our dog. We have found in the past that the presence of more dogs is distracting, at the least, and potentially harmful to plants, animals and people. We love dogs but we have a school to run.