Welcome to our course selection for 2020! We are excited to bring back some popular courses and present some new ones. 

Classes are at our school in Northern California unless stated otherwise. 

Do not wait too long to sign up. Classes fill and we cannot wait for last minute sign ups since most folks are traveling to attend.

If you have been thinking about inviting us to teach in your community get in touch and let us know what you are thinking. 

Have any questions about our courses? Feel free to call or email us.

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Energetic Herbalism with Karyn in Washington

herbal medicine

Spend a day learning about energetics and herbal medicine from Karyn Sanders and her lifetime of experience.

Date: February 9, 2020; 12 – 5

Location: Olympia, WA; Evergreen College; Purce Hall

Instructor: Karyn Sanders

Cost: Donation (proceeds go to Canoe Journey Herbalists)


Connecting with your Ancestors – Postponed

Have you felt a desire to connect more consciously with your ancestors? Are you seeking greater support and connection in  your life? Have you wondered how to strengthen this relationship?

mt. shasta herbal energetics

Spend a weekend exploring your relationship with your ancestors.

We will be working with releasing those ancestors and ancestral patterns that are harmful and strengthening beneficial connections. We are not meant to carry patterns and ancestors that are harmful to ourselves and our lineage. We will utilize the support and guidance of the plants, also our ancestors, to guide this exploration.

Registration through White Dove Herbal Sanctuary. Contact


Date: May 16 – 17, 2020   postponed

Location: Montpelier, VT; White Dove Herbal Sanctuary

Instructors: Karyn Sanders and Sarah Holmes

Cost: TBA


Mentoring Sessions

Get individualized attention with your questions. One hour sessions are available with Karyn Sanders or Sarah Holmes to ask about what is coming up for you in your herbal practice. The intention of these sessions is to provide a mentoring space for practice questions as they come up for you. Call or email for scheduling and pricing. By appointment only. 530.468.4342 or or


bleeding heart

“Studying with Karyn and Sarah was hands-down one of the most special, most energizing, and most challenging experiences of my life. I completed the full-time program in 2015 and I constantly draw on the wealth of knowledge I gained during that time. Offerings such as materia medica, medicine-making, and gardening are invaluable and unique to this program. Karyn and Sarah are accessible, generous, and energetic instructors who are deeply committed to their students and to the practice of truly holistic energetic herbalism.”               Gina Badger, Graduate of the full-time program, 2015




“Blue Otter is a dream come true- it’s incredible to have the opportunity to be completely immersed in plant medicine through this full time program. The teachers are exceptional, supporting you to learn an extensive understanding of plant medicine and physiology, and a deep understanding of how to work with clients. The herb garden is an incredible resource where you can actually spend time with the plants you learn about, getting an opportunity to learn how to care for them as well. As a student, this class is a safe container to also do work on yourself, so you can become a strong practitioner. I can’t thank these two wonderful folks enough for the incredible support and encouragement they have provided through this program- Karyn and Sarah truly hold this medicine as sacred, and I recommend their school to anyone who is ready to do this work in a deep way. ” 

      Elokin Orton-Cheung, founder of Shooting Star Botanicals