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Gumboot Lake

Wildcrafting, or gathering plants from the wild, is a topic that brings up many viewpoints and emotions. In this day and age when many plants are becoming endangered it is important to be aware of the impact our plant usage is having on the wild.

Particularly in times of severe drought, such as we are experiencing in California, the negative impact of wildcrafting can be tremendous.

There is an ethical and respectful way to harvest from the wild, however, this is not the year. The plants are stressed, the animals are stressed. We humans, as caretakers of the land, can make the choice to do our job well and just tend, without taking.

I strongly encourage those of you who use herbal medicine to support the organic growers of medicinal herbs. Buy from the small farmers. Avoid buying plants that are harvested from the wild. Grow a couple of your favorite herbs for your own use.

Appreciate each drop of water in your life. Let’s stand in solidarity with our plant allies as they, along with us, struggle through this drought.

Fabulous Flowers

herbal medicine

apartment buildings in Thailand

A dear friend of mine emailed this photo to me. I have to say it really moved me in several ways. The sheer beauty of these buildings makes me smile. The architecture is interesting to start with but the addition of so many plants just takes it over the top. In a good way.

Imagine if  all of our homes  so beautifully reflected and showcased nature? Most of us don’t live outside anymore, but we can bring the natural into our everyday lives. I encourage you to do this, even in small ways. Bring some plants into your home, put potted plants on your balcony. Think your house is too small or crowded for plants? Consider a hanging basket.


Colombian balcony

Don’t have any outdoor space that is yours? Check with the city about the parkway near your house or a corner you walk by everyday. I’ve seen some really beautiful and simple landscaping that people have done in cities in these public places. Creating a bit of natural beauty in the midst of the urban concrete is a big gift to everyone who sees it.

Some traditions believe that flowers absorb negative energy. Imagine all the good vibrations in these apartment complexes.

Maybe you do have a yard. Consider adding plants with flowers and if you already have some, plant some more that bloom at different times. When I take the time, which I try to do often, to stop and really look at a flower, I am amazed over and over again. The variety of shapes and colors and color combinations is endless.
So, don’t just stop and smell the roses, but stop and really look at them, touch them. Let yourself experience your spirit lifting just from taking a moment to be present with the beauty.
herbal medicine

rose in bloom. Photo by Claire Bohman

Be well!

Mountain Springtime

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early spring bloom of bloodroot

Spring is such a lovely time of year. Here in the mountains the weather can be unpredictable and that lends another interesting layer to the season. As we move to sunny days in the 60′s to snow flurries to gentle rain to night time temps in the 20′s I get to feel that slow move to spring. This year, and last, we don’t have that full steam ahead breakthrough into the warm sunny weather and I find that I appreciate all of it even more having the contrast.

herb school

evidence of Stella's morning foray

 Working in the garden feeling the sun on my bare arms and then getting cozy by the fire later that night makes for a nice combination.

Most of our plants have been very slow to venture above ground so far. This last week has encouraged a few to make the push. The bloodroot has bloomed however, that can happen even in the snow. Everyone else is biding their time.

We keep the dead, aerial (above ground) portion of the plants in place through the winter for the birds to use and into the spring to protect the new shoots from the freeze. At this point, the blend of old and new that some of the plants have create these amazing sculptures; the ghost of last year blending with the fresh green of this year.

herb school


I’m always reminding  my clients and students, and thus myself, to look to nature as their guide. So when I look at these ‘sculptures’ it reminds me to not be too hasty in throwing out the old, to temper that spring rush with some slowness of winter to make sure that I keep anything still of value before discarding that which no longer serves me.

Sometimes in our rush to make change, we can dismiss what value there is in what was. So on my cold spring nights and the days where clouds hover with a few last snowflakes, I try to take that time to reflect. Then the sun comes out and I can shed some layers of clothing and allow all of that energy rising in the earth to move through me and get me going.

herbal medicine

lemon balm

Spring is a time of renewal, rebirth, new beginnings. This is a good time to start a project, make some changes, and, of course, clean out those closets. Eat lighter, add in more raw foods, drink lots of water and start, slowly, moving your body more.

Enjoy the season and be well!


winter thoughts

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sunrise from school

wow- what an amazingly cold morning! when i was outside at sunrise, it was 16 degrees out.  it has been a very cold winter so far. waking up everyday with frost encrusted trees. for some reason though, the cold is bringing in the bald eagles. spotted 2 in our field the other day and a pair are living on the upper part of the property.  i have been checking pretty regularly on the plants and adding some extra mulch here and there because of the hard freezes.  the creek is flowing really strong and the plants down there look ok.  the spikenards are happy with the water higher and the spice bush looks happy despite the hard cold.  i have been feeding the birds lots of seed and fat to keep them alive. the little birds will die from these cold nights and the frost. i don’t want to lose any of the birds- not only for their sweet song, but for all the bug eating and pollinating they do.  have been making a-lot of medicine and doing meditations with them.  it’s nice not to have so much constant work in the gardens. just get to stroll around the land and check on everyone.