Botanica Erotica

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 Just when the dreariness of winter is getting to you, along comes a book that can rekindle your passion. Botanica Erotica; Arousing Body, Mind and Spirit, is just such a book. While it came out a few years ago, the information is always useful and inspiring. Botanica Erotica is a good reminder to put some energy into the sensuous in your life; whether or not you have a partner.

Author, Diana De Luca, fills the pages of her book with mouth-watering recipes, stories, herbal information, delightful quotations and lovely graphics. Most importantly, Diana fills the book with her enthusiasm for the subject, inviting readers to explore and appreciate their sexual selves.

So, I won’t bore you with cute little cupid references because I do take this topic quite seriously, in a fun way of course. Our sexual health is a vital part of our overall health. Like all aspects of our being, we are not complete without all of ourselves. How you choose to express or not express your sexuality is up to you, but the bottom line remains important. Sensuality is part of what keeps us enlivened and connected to nature and connected to our bodies. In our dominant culture here, there is so little focus put on being in your body, truly inhabiting your physical form. All of the focus on the physical is the exterior; how your body looks, not if you are healthy or if anyone is home.

luscious food photo from Botanica Erotica

De Luca also emphasizes the importance of good overall health in the pursuit of feeling sexy. Her book contains reminders about how the simple things in life can bring us pleasure. Take this quote by Dr. Hans Balzi, for example, “After a perfect meal we are more susceptible to the ecstasy of love than at any other time.” Food recipes as well as  recipes for herbal tonics, elixirs and libations fill the pages.

Botanica Erotica also gives us a glimpse into the past with stories of the love goddesses and gods as well as entertaining lore of plants and foods that were believed to inspire passion.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, perhaps you will be inspired to cook up a little something special to share, or to celebrate your fabulous self.

Be well!